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Anion Air Purifier

EUR 285.00

Especially fit for occasions with bad air circulation, such as the car, the bedroom and washing room etc

Anion Generator imitates natural phenomena to create “thundering and lightning” in very small range. 

Increase low voltage to DC negative high voltage by impulse or shocking electric appliance, and generate high corona by DC high voltage on the tip of carbon brush to rapidly release large quantity of electrons(e-). The electrons cannot stay longer in the air by present form, so they will be caught by oxygen molecules (O2) i n the air and form anions. 

Disperse anions in the air by professional brush-free low noise centrifugal fan. People will feel like staying in a forest or near a waterfall  when anions in the air reaching certain concentration .

 Natural oxygen bar:

– Produce active oxygen: anion can effectively activate oxygen molecules in the air, making it easier to be absorbed by the body.–

- Improve lung function: the lung can take in 20% more oxygen when the body has taken in anion carrying oxygen and discharge 15% more carbon dioxide.•    P eculiar smell removal:

– Disinfect, sterilize, remove peculiar smell and neutralize harmful gases– Anion with negative electric charge neutralizes the dusts with positive electric charge to deposit dusts spontaneously.

•      60;Skin protection:

–  Neutralize static electricity: neutralize high voltage static electricity of TV set and computer, forming an anion layer to reduce the harm of high voltage static electricity generated by TV set and computer to the eyes and effectively prevent myopia.

– Nourish hair: make the hair more moisturized. Generally speaking, the surface of hair looks like spread scales. The anion can recover the spread scales  and give luster to the hair. In addition, it can neutralize static electricity between the hair to prevent split ends in the hair. 


•      60;Clean the blood

– The blood viscosity can be improved, blood vessel can be expanded, artery angiospasm can be reduced and blood pressure can be lowered down when take in anions.

– It can correct abnormal cells, improve heart function and myocardium nutrition. It is helpful for patients with ardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to recover because of anion field effect.

– It can enhance cell energy metabolism, vital capacity, improve and increase lung functions because it offers oxygen to the cell

•      60;Ease depression :

– It makes people feel relaxed and gives better health to people because it can increase oxygen contents in the room.

– It improves the sleeping quality: people will feel refreshed because of negative oxygen ions, which helps to improve working efficiency and sleeping quality. It can ease the pain effectively.



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