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Welsmile Anion Mineral Salt Toothpaste

EUR 5.00

The anion mineral salt toothpaste is made through technological means of integrating the paleozoic mineral salts with nanotechnology. When brushing your teeth, the mouth temperature and friction will make toothpaste receive energy, resulting in water absorbing &melting and generating anions. Anions will adsorb the oral anaerobic colony to prevent its survival & reproduction, thus reducing the plaque formation and maintaining the gingival health. Mineral salts can provide natural trace mineral elements, promote the probiotic breeding in oral cavity and improve the blood circulation around the gums, realizing the  effects as cleaning teeth, strengthening teeth, inhibiting bacteria and removing bad breath, etc.

Anions will effectively remove the bacteria on the surface of enamel and form a protective layer around the teeth, preventing the teeth from the bacteria erosion.

Mineral salts will effectively maintain the gingival health, provide a variety of natural trace elements and promote probiotic breeding in oral cavity, thus maintaining the oral health.


Benefits of the toothpaste effect 

- Protecting teeth & strengthening teeth

- Conserving gums

- Whitening teeth

- Preventing worms

- Reducing plaque

- Reducing dental stains

- Stabilizing the oral pH value

- Maintaining fresh breath




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