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Sonya eye pencil- burnished brown

EUR 14.76

Irresistible and ultra-resistant: Draw attention to your lips, give your eyes a dramatic look or soften and accentuate your natural look. Creamy and smooth: with our exclusive aloe vera formula, Sonya Lip and Eye Pencils will ensure the perfect application time and again. You can use our lipstick shades to create the perfect smile by combining lip pencil colours.

TIP Lippencil
- To make your lips appear bigger, draw the lips a little bit outside your lip contour.
- To make your mouth appear smaller, do the opposite, with a line just inside the lip contour.
- Lip liners prevent you applying the lipstick ‘outside of the lines’ and ensure that the lipstick lasts longer.

TIP Eyepencil
- To make your eyes appear bigger, use your eye pencil to draw a line on the outside of your lower eyelid and a white line on the inside of the lash.
- To make your eyes appear bigger, apply the last layer of mascara to the lashes in the outermost corners of the eye.

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